Call Center Services

The Company operates state-of-the-art call centers and offers dedicated agents, phone trunks/DID’s and dedicated servers for database management.

Policies are in place to protect the privacy of consumer/account information including:

Computer network security

  • State of the art firewall and security subscription protecting Company networks and computers.
  • Business level managed virus/malware programs kept current and running on all company computers.
  • Unique and positive user profiles for all network users including stringent password complexity and change requirements

Compliance with PCI-Data Security Standards for A Level 4, C-VT merchant including:

  • The Company’s credit card processing solution is provided and hosted by a PCI DSS validated third-party service provider
  • No credit card numbers are stored in Company servers or networks

Employees are trained in the protection of consumer/account holder information and required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreement upon hire. Background checks are performed an all employment candidates. Company premises are kept locked and secure 24/7.

Call center services are provided to small and medium sized clients looking for boutique and custom tailored programs.

Commercial Collection Services

ACR offers boutique commercial collection services to companies in the construction, wholesaling, manufacturing, professional services and other industries. No portfolio is too small, from 5 accounts to 5,000 accounts. 
ACR can design and implement a collection program custom tailored to a situation that will maximize account receivable realization while maintaining a positive relationship with the customer/consumer. Each commercial program is custom-tailored to fit the client’s unique and specific needs.
Commercial collection services are normally provided on a flat percentage commission basis, with the percentage varying due to size, number and age of accounts.


Consumer Collection Services

The Company offers consumer account/debt portfolio collection services to wholesalers and debt packagers primarily dealing in the secondary market of distressed and charged-off consumer receivables.
ACR specializes in working with consumers by offering creative solutions including payment plans and discounts that conform to an individual’s unique situation.

Services Available